Saturday, May 31, 2014

Three questions to ask yourself when prioritizing

Prioritize your activities by asking yourself three questions.

First, is this the most valuable thing that I can be working on at this moment? Consider if the activity will move your organization closer to a strategic goal. For a shorter-term perspective, consider if the activity will mitigate a risk or help others to be more effective in their work. Balance activities from both of these time horizons.

Second, is there a multiplier effect for this activity? Could it change behaviors or motivate people to take action that results in an output much greater than the required input? Delegation is one example of this. When delegating, take the extra time to provide value-added detail and guidance.

Third, will the results of this activity be impactful and reach a broad range of people? Taking the time to share information and to be inclusive is an example of this type of activity. Often such information sharing can result in better quality decisions by others or may elucidate confusing matters.

Asking yourself these three questions (most valuable, multiplier, and impact) to help prioritize your work will guide you to spend time on the activities that provide the maximum value for your company.

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